Private Investigation

Criminal Defense

We usually work with your attorney, under their umbrella, embracing the attorney client privilege, to ensure that you will get the best defense possible. Prior law enforcement experience is a major asset in conducting criminal defense cases. Our investigators have a good working relationship with law enforcement and we have found this relationship and prior law enforcement experience brings a level of investigation that far exceeds those generally done by investigators without law enforcement experience. Our goal is to seek justice and our investigators have the experience and insight to bring to your case often what police may overlook or not have the time to follow up on.

Civil Litigation

Plaintiff or defendant, we investigate motor vehicle crashes, divorce, child custody, wrongful death, personal injury, missing persons and other civil cases. Our investigators are here to support your case. We work primarily with your attorney, usually under their direction, to provide the necessary information they need to aggressively pursue or defend your case.

Corporate and Industrial

Whether your business is large or small, our investigators can help protect your business and customers by conducting background investigations on personnel, theft, security or behavior problems at the office or work site. Our investigators have the capabilities of working overtly or covertly inside and outside your workplace to get the results you desire.

We also investigate-murders, homicides, rape, domestic violence, and suicides.