Firearms Training

Law Enforcement Training

Our firearms and general instructors are certified to teach law enforcement in West Virginia and Virginia as well as security in Virginia for required in-service training, and our live fire range has been approved through Virginia DCJS for use in training. The 360 degree patrol rifle, shotgun and handgun range is equipped with stationary targeting systems, turning target systems and we are currently working on moving and pop up target systems. Our plans include developing a convertible indoor range suitable for Airsoft® style weapons, which will be used for active training scenarios, using either decision (shoot / don’t shoot) turn and/or pop up targets and live actors, suitable for training law enforcement and security for building search and entry, as well as In-home defense for citizens. We also utilize a multiple view digital video recorder with audio for students to self critique during scenario training.

Citizen Training

Our certified NRA Instructors teach courses that meet or exceed the requirements for obtaining concealed weapons permits in both West Virginia and Virginia. We also offer advanced NRA handgun courses for in-home defense and all our NRA courses include live fire at our 360 degree live fire range. We work with novice firearms students to ensure they have the knowledge and confidence to handle a firearm safely and effectively as well as experienced gun handlers. Our plans include developing an indoor range suitable for Airsoft® style weapons for realistic and practical training scenarios and real life situations.