Our Private Investigators are highly trained professionals who are dedicated and second to none, many with law enforcement experience. We are licensed and/or registered and have offices in West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland. Whether your need for an investigation is criminal defense, civil litigation, corporate or personal, we have an investigator for you. If your case is criminal defense, we assign an investigator with law enforcement experience to ensure you get the best possible investigation for your defense. The extensive knowledge and background of these investigators brings many aspects of the investigative process to light and gives an in depth perspective to your case, making sure you get the best investigative services available. Learn more about our private investigation services.

Our training facility has a modern heated and air conditioned indoor classroom, plus we have an outdoor 360 degree pistol and shotgun range and have long range patrol and counter sniper rifle capabilities. Learn more about our training services.

Our 48 foot mobile command center (MCC) has the capabilities for up to eight dispatchers at one time, plus we can carry and store ATV’s, along with other equipment and supplies, or have briefings, in the secure rear area. The MCC can be completely self sustained wherever your needs dictate with our portable power unit and is compatible with law enforcement, EMS, fire and military radio frequencies for each station. We utilize four wheel drive SUV’s for patrol and response and have an airboat for water patrol and for search and rescue operations. These units are ideal for use during natural and man-made disasters or emergencies. Learn more about our security services.