At Special Security Services we pride ourselves in having the highest quality personnel available. Our company and employees are licensed and registered in West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland. Our Private Investigators are well trained and most have prior law enforcement experience. Our armed security officers work both covertly and in uniform and our in-house training exceeds the basic qualifications for any of the states we are licensed. Our forty eight foot Mobile Command Center (MCC) is equipped with multiple video recording and radio and telephone communication capabilities and has an antennae array suitable for all band widths, including military, law enforcement, fire and EMS. Our MCC is equipped with stations for up to eight emergency dispatchers, satellite television, a small sleeping quarters and a rear area suitable for storage, briefings or meetings. Our MCC can stand alone on 12 volt systems and we also maintain mobile power generation equipment to operate the Command Center, if necessary, to respond in case of emergencies or on an extended basis when commercial utilities may not readily be available. Our 45 KW generator is capable of providing electricity for days, without refueling, to both the Mobile Command Center and campers which are used for sleeping quarters and relaxation while off duty. We utilize large four wheel drive SUV’s for security patrols and alarm response. Our Personal Protection Specialists are highly trained and registered through Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).


Special Security Services dedicates themselves to providing the highest level of professional security services to the community through investigation, armed security, personal protection, alarm response and training which aides and compliments law enforcement.


Special Security Services is committed to an ongoing partnership with the community and law enforcement to ensure and promote the common goal to keep, maintain and preserve a safe environment for which we live.



Committed to Excellence through ongoing training and certification.


Dedicated to Honest, Respect and Trust at a standard beyond reproach.


Strive to build confidence and trust through communication with the community and law enforcement and promises to hold all officers to the highest standard of professional conduct.